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Japan's first VR adult content festival

PREMATURE CANCELLATION has hit Japan’s first virtual reality (VR) adult content festival, which was shut down after overcrowding put grot lovers at risk of a sticky situation.

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Virtual reality in China

The virtual reality (VR) market in China is expected to reach $860 million in 2016 and accelerate to $8.5 billion by 2020. In the last six months alone, the Chinese VR market has seen a flurry of investments, partnerships and new ventures involving both local and international players.

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new virtual reality accessory

Whether you like it or not virtual reality is coming and its going to be the big advancement in technology this year.

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Video Content in the 21st Century

This week, Lin-Manuel Miranda- Wesleyan alumnus, Hamilton progenitor, and the Great Brown Hope of the Great White Way- released the first episode of Freestyle Love Supreme (one of his many side projects, this one a rap/improv hybrid) on Seeso, a NBC-owned streaming service that seems to have a comedy focus.

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