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video content

The experts are telling us to do it. The market is showing us we need it. But so many of us are scared of pushing that record button. We have this misconception that our video content needs to be blockbuster quality or we will not see results. That unless we’ve mastered professional lighting, acting, public speaking and look like Brad Pitt or hired a videographer, we would be doing more harm to our brand than good. But we are wrong, and here’s why.

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NYC Wi-fi Kiosks

NEW YORK CITY—Hey, remember how, last June, lots and lots of people were worried that The Homeless and others would be using the city’s new free wi-fi kiosks, located in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx, which at that time had replaced 180 phone booths, not to make phone calls, check email, city maps or the weather, or charge their electronic devices via USB ports, but rather to watch porn?

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Adult Digital Media

Adult has persistently innovated the way all kinds of products are marketed, how data is hosted, the ways payments get processed and just about every other aspect of e-commerce over the years. When free tubes became the rage and the industry began consolidating in 2006, some of that innovative spirit suddenly took a back seat to more immediate needs of companies working to adapt and survive in a rapidly changing ecosystem online.

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UK mobile coverage

Regulator Ofcom is calling on the UK’s 20 million Android users to help build a map of the UK’s mobile coverage.

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