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Sex In Virtual Reality Is Getting Even More Immersive in 2017

This year’s AVN Show – the world’s largest Adult Entertainment expo which took place in Las Vegas this week– focused a lot on VR, even adding two new dedicated categories (Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene and Best Virtual Reality Innovation/Site) to its 2017 industry awards.

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South Africans No. 1 In The World For Watching Adult Content On Mobile Devices

In 2016, South Africa was the top country in the world for greatest proportion of consumers watching adult content on mobile devices, according to data from Pornhub, the world’s largest adult content portal.

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VR adult content in 2016

The adult entertainment industry has long been a silent driver of new technologies, from ISPs to graphics cards. With virtual reality, many see adult content as one of the more obvious use cases that could lead to heavy headset adoption early on.

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Adult entertainment fans exposed virtual reality

The adult entertainment industry is built on fantasy. Now it’s welcoming a dose of reality — of the virtual kind.

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