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With all the recent media hype around Cameron’s War on Porn and Advod in the UK, I pondered a while on whether it was a good idea to join the debate or not. Cherry has ALWAYS promoted responsible, regulated and ethical adult entertainment and these kinds of discussions sometimes have a tendency to blow up in one’s face, despite all good intentions, due to their politically and morally charged undercurrents.

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Cherry Media celebrates its 10th Anniversary with an exclusive past&future infographic

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Yup! Cherry Media has designed an exclusive INFOGRAPHIC, which as you might expect, outlines very targeted and valuable insights about the benefits of including Adult Mobile as part of your mobile entertainment business strategy.

Gathering a combination of facts and figures, combined with our CEO, Julia Dimambro’s 10-year industry insight, this infographic is the most comprehensive overview of the word of Mobile Erotica in existence!

Don’t miss your chance of cashing in on one of the highest consumer demanded niches in mobile entertainment and contact us today at for a no obligation chat as to how we can help improve YOUR revenues!

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Due to one of those typically late summer ‘cenas’ you tend to have when living in Spain, I tuned in late to the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012, just as Rowan Atkinson was applying his genius brand of comedy to some classical music. This, as most of you know, was part of a monumental celebration of all things British and more specifically, anything that had firmly put Britain on the global map. Four decades of our amazing musical history was featured as was Tim Berners-Lee, the original inventor of the World Wide Web, whilst Harry Potter’s author, JK Rowling, delivered a reading about Britain’s amazing body of children’s literature.

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10 of Cherry Media’s favourite ‘cash-in’ strategies made on the back of the success of 50 Shades of Grey! Good job!
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