Meet the Cherry team at MWC and TES this March in the world’s ‘Mobile Capital’ Barcelona!


The Cherry Media team will be attending Mobile World Congress and The European Summit this February in Barcelona, Spain.

We look forward to helping existing and new partners get more out of their mobile sales with our specialist regulated portfolio of content and proven value-add strategies.

Please contact to set up a meeting and chat with our mobile experts at either event.

We are also proud to announce our support of The European Summit as Co-Sponsor of the Mobile Day Sessions for the 3rd year running. Full Press Release here:

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Feb 14, 2016
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Jon,Have to disagree with you on this. In fact, most of the post. I feel that you haven’t ralley used Mac OS X before (I could be wrong), otherwise you wouldn’t have such perceptions. I am a programmer, have been a programmer all of my career. I used PC for most of the time until 3 4 years back when I switched over to OS X. The OS X is a much better programmer’s OS in most aspects. The only thing I missed were Visio and MS Project and neither were ralley programmer tools, and I have found better replacements for them. About 6 years ago when I attended JavaOne event in SF (and was still very much a PC guy), I was amazed that almost 1 out of 3 programmers attending the event ran on OS X (I kept count of people who had laptops out). When I was in Yahoo running an engineering team, almost 100% of my team (mostly programmers) were on OS X. You could say it is specific to my team, but I was in Sunnyvale, London and Bangalore offices and more than 50% of the engineering people I met were using OS X as well. Maybe it’s Yahoo, but then half my programmer friends (not from Yahoo) use OS X as well. Was it vanity, Apple branding magic at work? I don’t think so, I think it’s just a better programmer’s OS. Perhaps it’s a specific developer environment that attracted programmers to OS X, maybe other types of computer enthusiasts do prefer PCs like you say but I don’t see any concrete evidence of this. On the other hand at least for programmers like me (maybe it’s the platforms I use?) I see people everywhere using OS X (where people are not using OS X I see people using Linux variants). So for me it’s cold hard evidence win for OS X.BTW I disagree with your other points on flexibility, customizable, total control etc but I suppose someone else would give you a nice refute somewhere along this thread. Just wanted to share my own experience.

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Ago 06, 2017
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