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The State of Mobile Content 2017

In July 2016, the mobile world was opened up to tantalizing new possibilities with the release of Pokémon GO, an augmented reality (AR) game from Niantic that overlaid Pokémon (various creatures with special features and clever names) in users’ real-life settings.

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The future of mobile content google amp

Google took the world by storm when it released the Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project, an open-source initiative which is geared to take mobile search experience to the next level.

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Smartphones dominate UK kid's Media Experiences

Research agency Childwise finds that smartphones are now the default device for entertainment content among UK kids and teens, 31% of whom feel compelled to check their mobiles every few minutes.

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Emarketer expects digital video viewership in Asia

China will have 569.0 million digital video viewers in 2017.

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