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Apple’s App Store at the end of the app era

Apple App Store

Like a fly frozen in amber, the App Store’s fundamental deal has remained unmoving since its inception.

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Q2 2014 Global Mobile Web Trends Report


The Netbiscuits Web Trends Report for Q2 provides in-depth analysis of mobile web usage based on 2.5 billion page impressions from across 242 countries.

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Apple Migrating Users to the Cloud:


The rapid uptake of mobile technology and new devices is transforming the way that consumers access and store data, with Apple leading the way into the cloud.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Uncommon comparisons of the App Store vs Google Play


Even though Google Play dominate market share, they generate a significantly smaller amount of money.

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Smartphones finally outpace feature phones with 57 per cent of total sales


Global sales of smartphones totaled on 968 million last year, which was an increase of 42.3 per cent from 2012, reports Gartner. This equated to smartphones owning 53.6 per cent of the total market, surpassing feature phones for the first time.

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