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What Pokemon Go Can Teach You About Creating Buzz

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go has achieved huge success in recent months. In fact, it’s managed to win more than 75 million downloads and is now one of the best-selling apps online. The buzz surrounding it hasn’t subsided and players all over the world are still obsessed with this relatively simple app.

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Cyber firm cautions mobile users against ‘rogue’ apps

Rogue Apps

Close to 40% of respondents gave access to their data to download free apps

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Apple and Google Race to See Who Can Kill the App First

Apple and Google

THE IOS APP Store used to be simple. Apps were things, little squares you could see and touch, and it made sense to buy them, put them on your phone, and use them one at a time like blades in a Swiss army knife.

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Google Search Now Surfaces App-Only Content

Google Search

Google today is making a big change in terms of its ability to surface the content found in mobile applications through Google search: it’s no longer requiring that apps have matching web content in order to be indexed through Google’s search engine. In addition, when Google finds in-app content that points to a mobile app you don’t already have installed on your smartphone, it will offer you the option to “stream” the app instead.

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Baby-Making App Glow Gets Into Sex Ed With Ruby, An iOS App For Women’s Sexual Health

Sexual Health Ruby Trend

Glow, the app that aims to help women get pregnant (or not) launched a new iOS app for women’s sexual health today called Ruby.

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