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4 women, 4 generations, 4 perceptions… of porn! – Introduction



With all the recent media hype around Cameron’s War on Porn and Advod in the UK, I pondered a while on whether it was a good idea to join the debate or not. Cherry has ALWAYS promoted responsible, regulated and ethical adult entertainment and these kinds of discussions sometimes have a tendency to blow up in one’s face, despite all good intentions, due to their politically and morally charged undercurrents.

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10 Years Of Being Cherrysaucy!


Julia Dimambro, CEO of Cherry Media, reflects on a decade of being a middle class English girl plunged into an adult mobile content adventure…

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INFOGRAPHIC: Which countries host the most adult sites?


America hosts 428 million adult pages, or 60 percent, of the worldwide total. Netherlands, which sits in 2nd place, hosts 187 million pages (26 percent). Interestingly, the “.xxx” domain only accounts for 0.62 percent of all porn sites. In fact only 61 of top million most-visited sites in the world are .xxx domains!!

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MWC 2013: The full show in pictures


The ME gang were busy with their phone cameras in Cherry’s home town for MWC. Check out all the flashy stands and PR props here.

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XBiz Award nomination for Cherry Media



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