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Mobile Adult Video to Take Lion’s share of $13 Billion by 2014

Leading industry resource YNOT, have accurately hit the nail on the head with Cherry Media’s INFOGRAPHIC, by highlighting the phenomenal customer demand for Adult Mobile Video with the uptake of smartphones and tablets. Watch this space….
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Surprise! Women Watch Adult Entertainment

Something we already knew at Cherry with the rise of ‘Female Erotica’ coming onto the market, but a new study conducted by the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP), concluded that more and more women are watching adult entertainment than ever. We can probably accredit SOME of that to Christian Grey and his 50 Shades! 😉
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General Availability for .SX TLD Opens Tomorrow

Even through the .SX TLD is actually for Sint Maarten, the autonomous country located in the southern Dutch Part of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, it’s predicted that it will be the adult industry taking advantage due to registration being unrestricted, regardless of location.
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Watching Porn May Increase Male Muscle Power


Positive benefits to watching porn? We can feel a marketing campaign coming on!

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Google Makes Three Algorithm Changes Targeting Adult Content


Google, in a post on its official search blog, reported these adult content search changes, along with codenames and descriptions, for June and July. Information to be aware of if you use AdWords.

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