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Tim Green: Can Google face down an army of righteous masturbators?


According to Mr Green, Self-abusers across the world have been rubbed up the wrong way by that Glass porn ban. Ah, gotta love a pun or two when talking about porn! 😉

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New app to allow users to check their partners’ sexual health status


Maybe they should make this app compulsary for all adult filmstars? Apparently, it’s a smartphone feature known as “safe bumping”, whereby users can bump their devices together to exchange their sexual health status and contact information after downloading the app.

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Surprise! Women Watch Adult Entertainment

Something we already knew at Cherry with the rise of ‘Female Erotica’ coming onto the market, but a new study conducted by the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP), concluded that more and more women are watching adult entertainment than ever. We can probably accredit SOME of that to Christian Grey and his 50 Shades! 😉
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Porn ‘Ransomware’ Stealing More than $5 Million Annually

Here’s a story to keep an eye on. Symantec, an antivirus developer and researcher, is warning about the increase of ‘Ransomware’. It’s a malware that amongst other things, locks users out of their computers, promising to release the equipment when a ransom is paid. It appears to be targeting adult sites, which makes the ransom warning more effective as many victims decide to pay an average of $200 rather than risk embarrassment.
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Pinterest Blocks Access to


After one of the most famous domain battles in Internet history, finally emerged as a hardcore Pinterest-like site, and according to the company it is gaining momentum. Critics claim that Pinterest may be slamming simply to squash possible competition (the two sites are strikingly similar in design).

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