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INFOGRAPHIC: What do Android users do with their devices?


Yahoo Labs has released an infographic, which shows on average, each device has around 95 apps installed, 35 of which are interacted with around 100 times a day.

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INFOGRAPHIC: How marketing is working in a multiscreen world


Multiscreen users spend seven hours a day with their heads buried in a device. Last year, 217.1 million tablets and one billion smartphones were sold globally.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Why should you get involved in mobile carrier billing?


Mobile carrier billing is expected to be a $7 billion market by 2015.

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11 facts about the mobile entertainment market that’ll surprise you


This is something that keeps being revisited – the number of people who use their smartphone as one of their main sources of entertainment – but that’s because the number of people who do so keeps growing.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The state of mobile behaviour


85 per cent of smartphone owners that their device is a central part of everyday life

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