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73 per cent of UK feel bombarded by mobile ads


Although 67 per cent say that ads used correctly can be entertaining and engaging.

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Reporo introduces gay mobile ad network


Long term Cherry friend, Reporo claims to be the first to launch a gay only mobile ad network. Certainly a great market to target, but one that will very much do what it wants rather than what it’s told, so it will be interesting to see how this works

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Vivid squirts out a gesture-controlled web app for iOS


Another inspired news title from our friends at, but more importantly, it’s great to see the adult industry starting to think about the mobile app market with more of the innovative business approach that it’s famous for! WEll done Vivid!

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GetJar Gold reaches 20 million users


Sometimes overshadowed by the App Store giants, but developers shouldn’t forget this huge app audience and these figures prove that!

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Adult daily deals site launches

8be7af8e91fcd0d11f70891f840b105f offers up to 90 per cent daily discounts on lingerie, toys, and other adult products to US consumers.

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