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MiKandi Joins T-Mobile’s Binge On As First Adult Video Provider

mikandi joins t mobile

T-Mobile is known for shaking things up. From putting an end to annual contracts and overage fees to unleashing wi-fi, the “un-carrier” has a penchant for making waves. The latest came late last year with the introduction of its 10th un-carrier move, allowing its customers to stream all the movies, TV and sports they want without using their data through Binge On.

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Meet the Women Entrepreneurs Trying to Revolutionize How We Have Sex

How We Have Sex

Jennifer McEwen was at a tech gala in Seattle when a male attendee asked her what her company does. She explained that her sex tech company, MiKandi, is a third-party Android app store that hosts adult content by artists, adult studios and game creators.

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MiKandi Launches Adult Mobile App Store

Adult Mobile App Store

Adult app store MiKandi is looking for beta testers! The site recently launched HTML5 support for all touch devices. Now players using Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and desktop computer can enjoy adult mobile games such as Fap Ninja, 8 Bit Dick, Strip Ninja by Doxy, and more.

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MiKandi Launches Chrome App Store


The Mint List Chrome app store, while still in beta, was developed to deliver the best of the adult web, curating HTML5 apps, themes and extensions from premier adult brands around the world.

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MiKandi & Xbiz join forces to create Google Glass Porn Video Viral. 1 million views within 24 hours of its release


The sketch — available in both a censored and uncensored format — follows the performers as they uncover the powerful hidden capabilities of Google Glass. The video ends with a cameo from none other than porn legend, Ron Jeremy.

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