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Mobile games live and die on how fast developers can crank out new content

Mobile games live and die

Mobile gamers can be insatiable. And that appetite is the key challenge for developers trying to maintain momentum for a popular app.

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Majority of mobile content shares happening via dark social, new report says

dark social

The majority of content shared via smartphone by consumers is done so on dark social, according to a new report by RadiumOne.

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Mobile First Content Strategy: From Optional to Mandatory

Mobile First Content Strategy

Back in “olden days” — oh, like a mere decade ago — having an attractive and functional website was the most critical priority for a business. Today? That website is still essential, but more and more it’s taking a backseat to today’s top task: designing and maintaining a successful mobile site.

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Demand for mobile content to be only partially met by networks in 2020

Demand for mobile content

Surging consumer and business demand for mobile content, either at home or on the go, will outpace the ability of service providers to provide it unless investments are accelerated in areas like 5G and the cloud, a study has found.

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How Mobile Content Brings Customers Through Your Doors

Mobile Content

As huge as the online market is, it only represents about 7.4 percent of all commerce. Every other sale is made in person. Does this mean mobile isn’t important to offline retailers? Exactly the opposite.

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