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Google loves the mobile web so much it put the Chrome team under its search boss

Google loves the mobile web

It’s no surprise that Google adores the mobile web.

And it’s no surprise why: Google is worried about the rush of attention to mobile apps — particularly to the time-sucking apps owned by Facebook.

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Marrying Apps with the Mobile Web

Mobile Web

A lot of digital ink has been spilled over the mobile web versus native app debate, but it’s time to call a truce. The question is not which will win, but rather, how can businesses leverage both environments to provide a frictionless user experience centered on value?

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Ten facts about the state of the mobile web


The mobile web is growing at a rate of knots – with the increasing ease of use, speed of wi-fi and technologies such as 4G and the approaching 5G – it is just as, if not a more convenient way of surfing the internet.

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Mobile contributes $211 billion to Latin American economy


Mobile has directly impacted the Latin America economy to the tune of $211 billion, generating over 3.7 per cent of the region’s GDP (gross domestic product), reports the GSMA. Contact for Latam focused Content and Services.

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BBFC replaces IMCB as the regulation framework provider for mobile internet content


An article from our friends at World Telemedia about the implications this will have on the adult industry in the UK. *Note* if you’re looking for new content to fit these changes then contact Cherry at as we have already designed content to meet these new regulations! :)

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