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Apple Migrating Users to the Cloud:


The rapid uptake of mobile technology and new devices is transforming the way that consumers access and store data, with Apple leading the way into the cloud.

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Narcissism & Internet Pornography Use


This new study found that participants who scored high on measures of narcissism watched more porn — and the more narcissistic they were, the more porn they watched.

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ISPs Warn ‘Common Carrier’ Status will Cause Service Stagnation


More than 30 of the nation’s top Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have penned a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) warning of a decline in innovation and new services if proposed regulations are enacted that deem ISPs to be “common carriers.”

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South Africa’s Pay TV Adult Channel Is Feeling the Heat


Although operator On Digital Media (ODM), with the help of Chinese capital from StarTimes, has been broadcasting the Private Spice and Playboy TV channels on its StarSat (formerly the TopTV brand) platform since November 2013, opponents are now reportedly trying to have its Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA)-sanctioned license revoked.

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E.U. Court: Search Engines Must Remove Links on Request


In directive that likely will have wide ramifications, European Union’s highest court ruled Tuesday that individuals can ask search engines to remove links to news articles, court cases, legal judgments and other documents in search results for their name.

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