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Soon, you’ll need to prove you’re 18 to visit adult websites in the U.K.

adult websites in the U.K.

The U.K. government has said it will introduce mandatory age verification for all adult websites, to make sure those accessing them are over the age of 18. It’ll hold the companies that produce and publish the content responsible for introducing the eventual system, and force sanctions on sites that don’t follow the new rules, which will be overseen by an as yet unnamed regulator. These rules will apply to “all sites containing pornographic material.”

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Most Britons don’t want David Cameron’s porn filters

Porn Filters

Most British broadband subscribers have chosen to opt-out of the porn filters championed by David Cameron.

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Australian Mobile Telecommunications Industry Study Examines Impact of Adult Services For LGBT and Heterosexual Adults on Carriage Service Providers, Reports Telecommunications Association, Inc.

Adult Services For LGBT and Heterosexual Adults

More Australians are using mobile messaging apps to meet up for legal casual sex, a research study by Sydney law enforcement-advising think tank Editorial Review Australia has found examining the relationship between mobile phone use and safe sex practices under the New South Wales Government’s 2011 planning laws and policies on regulation of licensed brothels.

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Report: New TLDs Cause Confusion


As a flood of new top-level domains (TLDs) enters the marketplace, providing websites with the equivalent of vanity license plates, a new report suggests it’s all too confusing for consumers and businesses.

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Ofcom Report: Only 10% of New U.K. Users Choose Filters


New U.K. broadband users overwhelmingly want their online porn, according to a new communications regulator Ofcom report.

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