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“Get In Shape for Spring” – Mainstream Mobile Videos available via Seriously Fresh Media with global rights!

Get In Shape for Spring

Great seasonal offer to target mobile consumers looking to get in shape for Spring/Summer 2016!

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Rediscovering Online Video in 2016 : How To, Why To, and Who to Watch

Online Video in 2016

It is amazing how much of what I watch online is influenced by what I watch online. But one of my biggest complaints with online video is the disappointing results of trying to discover new content. What’s more, this is compounded by the social nature of online video, which depends on developing relationships with creators, which leads to watching videos (at times) for the sake of a personal relationship, rather than for the sake of the value of the video itself.

For this reason, I’m embarking on a project this year to rediscover online video in the hopes of learning how to better reach new viewers transitioning to online video and sharing those results with our readers.

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YouTube’s CES Keynote: Four Reasons Why Digital Video Will Win the Decade

YouTube's CES Keynote

Robert Kyncl, the Chief Business Officer at YouTube, gave a keynote speech at CES 2016 yesterday. Video marketers will want to make the time to watch all 57 minutes and 36 seconds of “Robert Kyncl, YouTube – Keynote 2016,” which was uploaded to the CES channel.

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Now Apple TV Can Play 360-Degree Video Content

360-Degree Video Content

It’s not virtual reality, but Apple TV customers can now interact with thousands of 360-degree videos from Littlstar without using a headset.

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What Types of Video Content Do Millennials Watch?


Millennials are the most active video viewers of any US age group, and according to research from TiVo, this demographic primarily watches TV shows.

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