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A new content distribution paradigm for VR and 360 video

New Content Distribution

Content distribution has been industrialized, scaling to a state of overabundance, tipping the balance of power into the hand holding the smartphone.

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Video Is Increasingly Important in Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Social media changed the way we communicate, and visual content on social is changing the way we consume information. Visual content leads to higher engagement than all-text content, and video is becoming an increasingly important piece of the social media marketing engagement puzzle.

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Twitter monetization

YouTube creators should read “Twitter monetization, now at your fingertips,” which was posted last week on The Twitter Media blog. Yes, I realize that you are busier than a two-finger typist right now. And I also understand that your schedule is already set from now until Christmas.

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Conquering The Fear and Misconceptions Of Video Content

video content

The experts are telling us to do it. The market is showing us we need it. But so many of us are scared of pushing that record button. We have this misconception that our video content needs to be blockbuster quality or we will not see results. That unless we’ve mastered professional lighting, acting, public speaking and look like Brad Pitt or hired a videographer, we would be doing more harm to our brand than good. But we are wrong, and here’s why.

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Video: The new wave of content creators

Content Creators

From Red Bull’s wildly successful extreme sporting videos, to McDonald’s’ YouTube channel flop, these days countless brands want to try their hand at creating content.

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