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New ‘Facial Recognition’ Software Made Just For Porn

facial recognition

Even before Birdseye View Entertainment retained porn director Jimmy Duskish as the studio’s resident POV auteur, Duskish was shooting upwards of 20 POV scenes per week, employing a wide variety of both female and male talent.

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Dave Pounder Looks at Economics of Sex in New Book


Dave Pounder, the longtime pornographer who has produced, directed and performed in adult films for more than 10 years, has written a book on the economics of sex.

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Venerable ‘Economist’ Magazine: UK Sex Biz Feeling Cash Crunch


Apparently Britain’s sex workers feeling the pinch thanks to the on-going recession, and not in a pleasant way

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Dr. Chauntelle: Untangling Porn and Society, One Puzzle at a Time


She ‘one of us’! Her most recent research explores the connections and conflicts between U.S. law, pornography and social attitudes.

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UK Data: Online, Pay-TV Killing Video Stores


The market for Blu-ray and DVD rental in the United Kingdom is expected to plunge by 22 percent during 2013 — from £259 million to £202 million.

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